Amelie Movie Review

Thomas Treinen, Journalism

When the main character, Amelie, is a young girl, her mom is killed by someone who jumped off of a building attempting to commit suicide. Growing up, her lonely dad becomes extremely odd and refuses to show Amelie any physical attention which leads her to have no social skills and dream about finding love.

Amelie works at a cafe bar in the outskirts of Paris, France and encounters many people. She is very awkward and shows no social skills as she has never had any friends.

The acting in this movie is fairly decent, however, the scenarios in this film are very unrealistic. Amelie falls in love with a mysterious man who she never said a single word to in the entire movie except “no” when he asked if she was the one he was looking for. However, cultural differences such as the way people get around, the way people shop, and things people do in general is depicted very well in this movie.

Some of these scenarios are so unrealistic that the movie can be described as weird and odd. A major example of this is when she sent her father’s garden gnome across the world with a flight attendant to inspire her father to travel.

Throughout the movie, Amelie finds joy in doing good deeds for people, but can never find the courage to talk to them. For example, she found a lunch box containing a previous owner’s old toys in her apartment and she decides to return them without coming in contact with him. She also wrote a fake letter to her neighbor making her think that her husband wasn’t cheating before he died.

The mysterious man Amelie falls in love with at the end just shows how little social skills she has even though she works at a cafe and becomes friends with multiple people in her apartment. She meets him fishing lost photos out from under photo booths.

After she manages to fall in love with this man, she decides to find out where he works and send him on a scavenger hunt across Paris to find out who she is. The main reason he complied, was that she had one of the saddle bags from his moped that contained a photo album.

Even though Amelie was a decently weird movie, it was still enjoyable to watch and I would recommend it to someone thinking about watching it.