Fast Paced Plans

Mallory Ensing

While having a “heart of gold” is one of the most valuable qualities to society, Kendall Ensing understands the equal importance of having a “heart of goals.”

If there is anything this University of Oregon senior has learned throughout her college experience, it’s that you should never lose sight of your ambitions, no matter how often they may fluctuate.

I’m graduating with a psychology degree, a Bachelor of Arts, and then a minor in sports business. And it’s changed a couple of times,” said Ensing. “I came into college as an education major, then I switched to business briefly, and then I switched to psychology.” 

Kendall emphasized the importance of not having a closed-off mindset when it comes to your goals. A former Lakeridge High School student, she said that the school helped her become a “really well rounded young woman.” 

She focused on a wide range of things in high school, including music, ASB, and sports. This is certainly reflected by her ambitious and spontaneous personality today. 

Everything that happened in the last two years has given me this grace that has increased my ambition and my want to do lots of things and not just work a desk job, like being able to see lots of places and meet lots of cool people,” said Kendall. “ I feel like COVID just really made me appreciate the relationships I have with people and all the opportunities in school and just in life.”

Due to COVID, Kendall said she was unable to complete a study abroad program in Copenhagen last spring, but plans to revive her dreams through a different opportunity abroad next year. 

“Things are a little bit up in the air, but my plan is to move to Spain for about eight or nine months to teach English,” said Ensing. 

The program would likely start this fall in September or October, and be located in Valencia, Spain. She graduates this June, which would leave her with about three more months in Oregon. 

Known as a City of Arts and Sciences, it is clear that Valencia would be an ideal location for “a big music person” like Kendall.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember,” she said. “That was a huge part of high school for me, but it hasn’t necessarily been a huge part of college.”

College for Kendall was mostly focused on academics and sports. The University of Oregon is particularly known for its prominent presence in various college sports, like football, basketball, and soccer.

“If you want a fun student atmosphere in sports and fan base, the University of Oregon is perfect,” said Kendall. “But also, there’s just so many opportunities that you have at U of O, like Lakeridge honestly.”

Ensing said that the University of Oregon has been similar to Lakeridge in the sense that she can balance her many interests in a way that has helped her gain real-world experience. As a soon-to-be graduate, it is certain that these skills will come in handy. 

“I intend to pursue sports in the future,” said Kendall. “I would love to work for a professional women’s soccer team.” 

Although, this plan is not set in stone. Kendall said she wants to keep her options open and refrain from closing her mind to any other future opportunities that may arise. Considering the frequent changes the young woman has seen in the past few years, there is a definite possibility of her dreams shifting. 

For someone who said she loves the color yellow because “it’s just really happy,” Kendall certainly has a golden future ahead.