Extravagant Eateries

Grace Roddan

No matter the occasion, eating out at a restaurant is a luxury many of us have been missing in the past few years during the COVID pandemic. Whether you are grabbing a quick lunch with friends or a formal dinner with relatives, Portland is known for their wide selection of authentic restaurants with so many options to choose from.

Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse located in the heart of downtown Portland, is one of the many favorites students and families are dining at again. 

“They bring skewers of steak around to your table, and bread things to eat in between,” said Westley Watts, a freshman at Lakeridge. “They also have a salad bar with a variety of options.” 

Fogo De Chao is notoriously known for their high quality Brazilian style steaks, such as the delicate filet mignon or tender top sirloin. The interior is very exclusive and formal, with bright chandeliers and statement pieces around the salad bar. This is a very pricey option, as it is one of the most famous and highest quality steakhouses in the country. Dinner entrees start at $63 per person, and any additional sides such as salads start at around $32, so a full meal for one person can cost around $96. 

Westley said he typically goes here with his family, on special occasions like birthdays or visits from family and friends. 

Another amazing place to consider is The Old Spaghetti Factory in South Waterfront, located right by the Willamette River. Known for the antique flair and dramatic atmosphere, the experience of the restaurant surely is something to remember. There is a gorgeous view of the Willamette River while eating in a brightly lit and joyful ambience. 

“The garlic bread is amazing, and I have such fun memories here from the MORP dance,” said Jessica Paulsen, a fellow freshman. “It is a really bright environment, perfect for fancy dinners in a group.”

Although the Spaghetti Factory feels very fancy and exclusive, it actually is much more affordable than many Italian places in Portland. Perfect for teens or friend gatherings, full entrees of pasta are typically from $15-20, and also come with a choice of ice cream at the end for dessert. The spacious venue makes it a perfect place to come in a big group.  

While the Spaghetti Factory is bright and traditional, Bamboo Sushi takes a more modern approach to fine dining. Bamboo has many separate locations, and one opened in Lake Oswego a few years ago. 

As the first sustainable certified sushi place in the world, Bamboo Sushi makes it a priority to consider marine stewardship and the environment while serving the highest quality fish possible. The restaurant takes its clean policies all the way to the decor, coming with a very sleek and modern feel in the restaurant. 

“I think Bamboo Sushi has a very classy atmosphere,” said Mallory Ensing, a current freshman at Lakeridge high school. “Its fun, but seems very adult-ish. I definitely think it is a good place to go with your family or friends, and the people who work there are always super nice.”

Another speciality of Bamboo is creating many vegan and vegetarian friendly options, but taking them to the next level by adding more variety and creativity beyond just vegetables and rice. 

“My favorite thing to get there is the spicy tofu bowl, it’s so good.” Mallory said. Rolls and sashimi usually are around $20, and sashimi specials range from $23-47. Typically, four people will each order a starter and around four entrees for the entire group to share, plus drinks. The exclusive and high quality sushi comes at a higher price compared to other alternatives, making this a restaurant for a more special occasion. 

Portland is filled with tons of specialized restaurants for many separate occasions, where it be a quick dinner with friends or a special birthday meal with family. While the weather gets warmer and more seats are opening up, come and enjoy the wide variety of authentic eateries that Portland has to offer.