Sharknado Film Review

Audra Strealy

Imagine a shark. Then imagine it on land. Now picture it flying 100 miles per hour at your face all while trying to protect you and your loved ones. Sharknado is no joke and it will absolutely keep you on the edge of your seat.


Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) brings such a unique perspective into this movie, and his ex-wife April Wexler (Tara Reid), brings something fresh to this film. Together they show what a real life divorce would be like and it creates such realistic expectations for couples.


Besides it being a breathtaking film, its CGI is phenomenal. The movie looks so real like I’m actually there about to be eaten alive. The audience has to speak for itself though, sharknado has 74% rotten tomatoes which is a seriously impressive score.


The acting above everything else, is jaw-dropping amazing. Hearing Nova Clarke’s (Cassie Scerbo) story about how the scar on her leg came to be, is mesmerizing. Such an emotional and heart wrenching scene that makes me imagine what she went through.


The representation in this film is beyond comparison. While some people might say that this movie is a joke, the female empowerment and what it takes to survive is hypnotizing. Nova and April were dominating as women and are such good role models for young girls across the country.


What’s more to say about this movie? It displays a realistic view of what could happen to our world. This movie is quite horrifying, but I do feel comforted by the fact that as of right now, sharks cannot kill me. At least on land. 


This film could make me go on and on and another thing I’d like to add is the heroic moment in which Fin pulls Nova out of the shark’s body. Fin sacrifices himself over his daughter and uses his chainsaw to rip through the shark.


I, personally, couldn’t wait for what would happen next. This movie can make you go through inspiring things and for me I was in awe this entire time. 


My advice for anyone is to not watch this at night. The spontaneous jump scares get me every single time and I am quite literally shaking after a character goes through something traumatic.


Now this movie also must be taken lightly. It can be scary as the gory details may scar children of ages 0-9. This film is definitely for ages 10 and up and of course still recommended for the family! 


If you ever need a movie to shock or scare you, Sharknado is it. Invite your friends, your grandma or grandpa, a pet, your godfather, whomever you love! 


After Jaws, I was afraid to go in the water. But after Sharknado, I was scared to go outside. That’s the intensity of this film, it’ll shake you, or should I say shark you.