Tall Girl Movie Review

Genevieve Adams

You think your life is bad? Try comparing it to Jodi Kreyman’s, a 6 foot 1 and a half girl wearing size 13 nikes. Men’s size 13 nikes. Try beating that. 


The movie Tall girl starring Ava Michelle playing Jodi has the whole world revolving around her. Being bullied by Kimmy Stitcher (played by Clara Wilsey), having one of your best friends’, Jack Dunkleman (played by Griffin Gluck) crush on you, and your other best friend always being there to hype you up is exhausting.

What’s more exhausting for Jodi is the fact she’s so tall. Everyone always making comments on her height and asking “how’s the weather up there” has traumatized Jodi to the point she hates going to school just to get teased.


However, when Stig Mohlin, the new foreign exchange student from Sweden shows up, Jodi is in awe. She’s never met another guy her height so Jodi see’s a potential romance in Stig. Of course, Kimmy Stitcher, her long time bully has other plans with Stig you find out as the movie progresses. 


The entire movie revolving around Jodi being “tall is what makes this movie not worth watching unless you want a horrible plotline. Jodi gets called a few mean names and is told she can’t have the hottest guy in school because she’s a smidge taller than average? She thinks her life is horrible and mopes around all day because people ask if she plays basketball. It’s not that deep Jodi. What makes even less about Jodi’s height is that she’s bullied for it when every actor was casted because they’re shorter than her. Half the guys in a regular high school alone are 6 foot, being an inch and a half taller is not very special let alone something you would make fun of someone for. Tall Girl really needs to be more realistic. 


And while this is supposed to be a film about high school where Jodi finds her place and who she likes, the music in it could have come from a 5 year old banging their head on a piano. Pop music from who knows when was the most annoying choice the directors could have come up with. Every single time a song played in the background, it made me want to bleach my ears from how bad the songs were, and eyes from how horrible the acting was.


The “sister bonding” moments between Harper (played by Sabrina Carpenter) and Jodi were so forced they didn’t even need to act to seem like strangers. Harper is moving to college in a matter of months and not once in either of their lives has Jodi talked to her like a normal sibling. Sure, Harper is the older sister and siblings hate each other. But for the acting to actually be real you need to have more than one boy talk and a compliment on some horribly fashioned dress. 


TallGirl is a movie with drama, terrible music, a 38% review on rotten tomatoes, and kiss scenes more forced than Jodi being “tall”. The only reason I watched this movie was to see how bad it really was, I was not disappointed. So if you do want to have a laugh at a terrible movie, Tallgirl is for you.