What are Students Doing This Summer?

Aliya Divergilio

Most students look forward to summer where they have almost three months of school free time, but what do students fill all their extra time with?


Students occupy their free time with many things, but most either work, travel, relax, hangout with friends, or check things off of their bucket list. 


Getting a job is a great way for students to earn some extra income while also getting work experience. Multiple students I interviewed have different work plans. 


“I’ve applied to work at Domino’s,” freshman Genevieve Adams said.


“I’ve also applied to do community work to prevent wildfires,” Adams said. Adams is excited to earn some extra money and is hoping to have fun while doing so. 


Freshman Audra Strealy said she plans “to work at the Lake Oswego swim park selling snacks and concessions.” Strealy hopes working will be fun and give her something to fill her time with. 


Some students are venturing farther from home to work. Tessa Divergilio is a college student at Gonzaga University, while out of school for the summer she plans to get a job. Instead of staying at home, she has decided to spend the summer in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. Divergilio said she wants to work a fun and relaxing job and spend the rest of her free time on the beach. 


Summer is often a time to try new things. Freshman Rachel Fleck is going to try working at a summer camp or at a gymnastics gym this summer. She said she wants to work to get extra money and gain new experiences. 


One of the most popular summer activities is traveling. Without school and other extracurriculars, vacations are much easier to plan during summer. Some people travel more locally, while others travel across the world. No matter how far you travel, vacations are always popular.


Adams said she is going to Arkansas and “[her] dad is probably going to take [her] and her brother on a road trip in Oregon.”


Local vacations in Oregon are extremely popular this year. Adams, Strealy, and Divergilio are all vacationing in different areas of Oregon this summer. 


“I’m going to my annual camping trip.” Strealy said. Her camping trip is at Lake Billy Chinook. Lake Billy Chinook is a reservoir in Oregon that also serves as a popular vacation spot. 

Summer is also a time many use to achieve goals or items on their bucket lists. In addition to traveling, Strealy and Adams are taking the opportunity to check some items off of their bucket lists. 


“We’re going to run a mile for 24 hours, so a mile every hour,” Strealy said. This activity has been on their bucket list for a while, and will be a fun activity to help their running goals.


With all of these extra activities, Strealy and Adams hope to still have lots of time to hang out with their friends. Some activities they have planned are watching High School Musical, camping, and swimming. 


Many students will fill their free time with fun activities like working, traveling, relaxing, hanging out with friends, or completing items on their bucket list this summer. No matter what they decide to do, surely everyone will have lots of fun.