The Difficulties of Picking a Collage

Chase, Journalism

The Difficulties of Picking a Collage

By Chase Calkins  

For my seniors in high school picking what college to attend after graduating can be difficult. After interviewing Cate, a senior here at Lakeridge, I asked what her thoughts are when picking a college to attend. Cate replied stating “I’ve decided I want to attend community college because of the price and the accessibility for me, so I can choose what I want to do in the future and customize my experience. Following her response, I asked Cate Do you think for most seniors deciding what college is pretty does seem pretty stressful now that you’re a senior? “It was kind of a hard choice to pick but I kind of decided during the junior year so I could be prepared to choose so I wasn’t scrambling at the last moment to put in applications.

Have you picked your major yet? If so, what have you picked?

Cate responded saying “I have not picked my major yet. I’m planning on doing my prereqs and then designing.”

Lastly, I asked do you think deciding on going into your full four-year college or two-year college is a difficult choice, especially if you’re still not sure what you want to do?

“I think it’s a difficult choice to pick between a two-year or four years depending on your financial status, and your location and accessibility. Because colleges have financial, a big financial burden if you want to take it on and it also depends on what you’re wanting to study. So it’s all down to personal choice, but it is difficult. For many seniors, thinking about a college to attend is something to start thinking about and is something you should look into so you’re prepared for when you graduate and decide what major to choose it is better to be ready early than being reatoo to late