Top Gun: Maverick review

Ben Farrell, reporter

Top gun: Maverick review

By Ben Farrell

When you think of a sequal you think it will be worse than the first movie. However, this is not the case with Top gun: Maverick because I think it is right up there with the first one because of the funny scenes, excellent plot, connections to the first film, and how good all of the acting was.


The first thing that caught my attention while watching this movie was some of the funny scenes that made the whole movie theater laugh out loud. One scene that was super funny was when Captain Peet Mitchel(Tom Cruise) who is known as Maverick had just landed after achieving a record speed and he just casually strolled into a restaurant with his flying gear on. This scene was so funny because everyone stared at him and he just took a kid’s water and took a sip of it like he didn’t just set the air speed record. Another supper funny scene was when he was supposed to be teaching his pilots about the planes that they were flying for the mission and Maverick just threw out the manuals as if they all knew what to do.


The next thing that I loved about this movie was the engaging plot. There were a bunch of former Top Gun pilots who were recalled to be in this extremely difficult mission in which they would be mentored by Maverick. The mission was to destroy a secret uranium enrichment bunker in a rogue state. The mission proves to be extremely hard because they need to fly below enemy surface to air missiles or sam turrets that line the whole mountain line. This forces them to fly below them which is super dangerous and one wrong move could see you slamming into the side of a mountain.


Another thing that blew me away was the amount of connections to the first top gun there was. One that I liked the most was Bradley Bradshaw(Miles Teller) otherwise known as Rooster. If that last name sounds familiar it’s because it is; he is Goose’s son who died tragically in the first movie. We learn throughout the movie that Rooster and Maverick have some history. Maverick pulled his application papers from an academy that took Rooster two years of his life to get back. 


The final thing that I loved about the movie was the acting of the actors involved and I felt that every one of them played their role perfectly. The first actor that was super good has to be Tom Cruise who played Maverick. He is always so good at playing the role of the daredevil and this movie was no different. He completely shined in this role and I don’t think anyone could have done it better. The second actor that was great in their role was Miles Teller who played Rooster. I thought he fit the role well because he was timid at first which made sense because his dad died in a plane and he didn’t want to end up like him. Near the end of the movie he really progressed into an excellent pilot and the reason that was so convincing was because of the excellent acting skills of Miles Teller. 


This movie is great because it is one of those that you can see with your family or friends because of how action packed and exhilarating it is throughout the whole movie. This is the best movie I have seen for a long time so you need to see this movie in the theaters as soon as possible!