Champions league drama

Ben Farrell, reporter

Champions league drama

By Ben Farrell


Who will take home the biggest european title? It is down to just four teams left in the tournament. The semifinals of the champions league is destined to be an unpredictable and wild ride. 


“I think Real Madrid and Liverpool are gonna be in the finals and real madrid are gonna win because Benzema is just a really good scorer, they have a good goalkeeper and great wingers,” Said Jacob Farrell. 


Not a lot of people think this because most people think that Manchester City will win and he thinks they will lose to Real Madrid in the semi – finals. Not only does he have Madrid upsetting Manchester City who are the favorites to win the whole thing but he has Madrid winning the whole thing. 


The champions league is getting more interesting every match that is played. Right now in the semi – finals Manchester City are leading Real Madrid 4-3 and Liverpool lead Villareal 2-0. There are two legs in every champions league matchup, one at home and one away.


Farrell was also asked about his team of the season. A team of the season is where people vote on who they think played the best at each position in the league. We will keep a running tally on how many points a team has at the end of each section. Each person that makes the list will earn a point for their respective team. We will also compare the interviewees’ picks with what experts say.


“Pep Guardiola is the best manager because he has his team working hard and has good tactics that force his team to pass the ball well,” said Farrell.


Now the score is Manchester City one everyone else zero. This is just who he thinks is the best manager but there are many others to consider like Jurgen Klopp for Liverpool because of his unique style of play which involves pressing the ball hard, and Zidane for Real Madrid because of his ability to get his team focused all the time. A lot of people think defense does not matter but there are some people that have made a big difference for their team.


“Goalkeeper is Thibaut Courtois he hasn’t let much by him, center back is Virgil Van Dijk and Joel Matip who both play for Liverpool because they are strong in their challenges and work well together. My wing backs would be Trent Alexander-Arnold because he passes the ball really well and Laporte because he is super hard working,” said Farrell 


The score is now Madrid 1, Manchester city 2 and Liverpool 3. So the back line is in and I don’t think many people can disagree with this one. Now onto the midfielders.


“Kevin De Bruyne and Modric at center mid and Fabinho at the defensive mid,” said Farrell.


This is another one that can’t be argued with much. Superfans around the world respect all three of them for different reasons. Fabinho is an excellent defender for Liverpool and holds his position well. Modric is one of the best passers that the game has ever seen for Real Madrid. He ranks number 9 in assists with 12 in all competitions DeBruyne is an all time great midfielder that can do it all for Manchester City. He finished the year with 15 goals and 8 assists which proves he can do it all. That being said the score is now Manchester City 3, Liverpool 3, and Madrid with 2. Now we have the best front three of the teams left.


“Benzema at the striker position because he has been on fire and scored a lot of goals, Rodrygo because he is really fast and scored two goals in two minutes to send Real Madrid to the final, and at left wing Luis Diaz because he makes good runs and scores goals,” said Farrell. 


According to they agree with all of those picks. They like Rodrygo for the same reason which is his two goals in two minutes. The football faithfull agree with Luis Diaz at left wing because he scored the deciding goal in Liverpool’s game against Villareal and was just a game changer in general. They agree with Benzama at striker because This makes Madrid 4, Liverpool 4, and Manchester City 3. 


Soccer is a team game and the result could go any way on any day but Farrell thinks that Madrid will make a surprise run to lift the trophy thanks to what he believes and some other superfans believe to be some of the best players in the world which include, Benzama, Vinicius jr. Thibaut Courtois, and Luka Modric.