Puzzle in the Library

Angela Su

If you’re interested in doing something fun and relaxing at school during breaks or lunchtime, the LHS library has a puzzle that students can work on anytime.

The puzzles in the library are always so fun and calming,” said sophomore Ahna Harvey. 

This has allowed students to collaborate with friends or even meet new people as they attempt to finish the 1000 piece puzzle together. 

“I usually do them with a friend because we both joke around while doing it, and just overall have a good time,” said Harvey. 

Once one puzzle is completed, students are able to pick the next one they want to start on out of an assortment of different puzzles the library has. The majority of students that work on the puzzle regularly do it during their lunchtime.

“My friend and I try to do the puzzle every ‘A’ day during lunch or as much as we can,” said Harvey.

So next time you are bored at school and would like something fun to do, head up to the library to try piecing together the puzzle!