Students begin putting their next years schedule together

Julia Adams

This month begins Lakeridge High’s forecasting for incoming freshman to current juniors.

Students will go into their student-vue and log their course requests and alternatives. They will then meet with their counselors during english sometime in the coming weeks to discuss the classes they chose.

Counselor Chris Keller was able to share some insight as to what the meetings will look like.

“We will be sitting down with you and we’re gonna look over your transcript to make sure you’re on the right path to get your high school diploma. And then the other thing we’ll be talking about is what life after high school is going to look like,” said Keller.

During forecasting, it is important students take it seriously. 

“Forecasting is important because I think it’s practice for goal setting and looking forward, past, where you’re at, and maybe even in the near future ,” said Keller. “It’s nice to learn how to come up with a plan and yeah, be looking forward to what’s next.”

Creating a list of classes you want to take next year can be a daunting task. Keller gave the advice to focus on things that excite you, in order to create an enjoyable schedule. 

Sophomore Emily Harding did this by adding AP Art and multiple science classes. 

Sophomore Addie Knell followed this advice by adding Sociology taught by Neil Barker to her schedule. She also explained her thought process when forecasting.

“A huge thing is which teacher teaches which class because I choose classes based more on the teacher,” said Knell. 

Students should complete forecasting as soon as possible, and go to the counseling office with any questions.