Threats At LOHS

Miles Stansbury, Staff Writer

LOHS received two threats this school year. Both resulted in a ‘Secure and Hold’ for the high school.

While the second threat was not deemed credible, the original threat resulted in the search of people’s property and person for weapons. 

“It’s scary, it makes you feel unsafe,” Ava McDowell said. While the threats did not occur at Lakeridge many students still felt fearful for their safety and the district allowed all absences that day after to be excused. 

The new language used surrounding the actions taken during the incident also led to confusion for parents and students. The Secure and Hold procedures, which were used are new as of the ’21’-’22 school year and come from the standard procedures of the ‘I Love U Guys’ foundation. 

An organization dedicated to training schools and districts of safety and security regarding internal and external threats. These are updated from previous years plans and have expanded on previous procedures set in place.

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