The Winter Formal

Zainab Khan, Staff Reporter


The Winter Formal is s Saturday, February 26 at the Melody Ballroom. 

Tickets are $25 until Feb. 11. After then, and up until Feb. 18 tickets will be $30. Then from Feb. 22-23, tickets will be $40. 

Masks will be required for everyone and there will be a check-in system to trace Covid. For example, if someone tests positive then the school can check if they went to the dance and notify other close contacts to get tested. 

Students must show their student ID cards when purchasing tickets and when they arrive at the dance. 

Guests are allowed only if they are from LOSD and they need to show their student ID cards to enter. Students say that they feel safe going to the formal because they will have masks. 

“I think it should have been postponed. I think it was a good idea to postpone it,” said freshman Mallory Ensing. “ I think like now with the cases going back down, it’s good timing.” 

Freshman Liv Allison added that most of her friends didn’t have set plans a couple weeks before the dance because they were expecting that the dance would get canceled.