Finding Motivation in December

How Student Chloe Goodrich is maintaining her straight A’s

Bella Baker

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Practice 7 days a week and still maintain straight A´s. Chloe Goodrich loves being outdoors and hanging out with friends. 


¨I want to be successful and happy in the long run and that is what I use as motivation,¨ Said Goodrich ¨One 

of my motivations is swimming.¨ 


Swimming takes up Goodrich’s schedule 7 days a week from 5-8 P.M. With her busy schedule she makes sure she is always well rested and takes plenty of breaks. Meditation is one way to relax but Goodrich’s way of relaxing is going outside.


¨Anything out in nature I love hikes I love the lakes and I love camping everything outside is my hobby,¨ Said Goodrich 


Helping get Goodrich inspires her day to day is something challenging she faces but hits close to home when it’s her Grandpa that allows her to carry on throughout her hard days.


¨Something that inspires me every day is my Grandpa. He is no longer with us anymore but he was always my number one supporter in everything that I did,¨ Said Goodrich 


Not only is her Grandpa one of her biggest inspirations, but he has also influenced her with some of her greatest life lessons. 


¨I used to go hang out with my Grandpa on walks and ever since then I feel at peace outside,¨  Said Goodrich


Playing a competitive sport and maintaining good grades takes a mental toll on many students, one way she is able to manage is the outside world. 


¨I am passionate about mental health. It’s something I think should be talked about more. My mental health is best when I’m with people I like out in nature,¨ Said Goodrich ¨I am passionate about how outdoor activities heal people,¨


When it comes to the future Goodrich would like to help people who need to be helped, her mom is a doctor and would like to do something around that type of job. 


¨I’m not sure what I would want to be yet when I’m older. I would like to be someone like an anesthesiologist and help people who need it,¨ Said Goodrich


Motivation is hard to carry through but she describes how her friends are able to make it possible for her to achieve her everyday goals, ¨Something that keeps me going is waking up every morning knowing that I am going to see my friends, although sometimes I love to be by myself. My friends are something that supports me and keep me happy,¨ Said Goodrich


¨In most social settings I am outgoing and leading. I love going out and hanging out with people whether I am close with them or not. Social interaction is what keeps me going.¨ Said Goodrich


Where does she get this motivation from? Coffee? Energy drinks? No such thing as Goodrich


¨I want to be successful and happy in the long run and that is what I use as motivation. I don’t look up to specific people I look up to my future,¨ said Goodrich


When Goodrich looks back at her achievements she mentions multiple times where she aced a test but for her, the achievement she is most proud of was from3 years ago placing 1st in a cheerleading competition.


¨My greatest achievement was when I was a competitive cheerleader and My team and I won NCA which is one of the biggest competitions we had ever competed in.,¨ Said Goodrich


Goodrich shows capabilities of being a competitive swimmer, Lifeguard, and putting her most effort into school. She shows that all teenagers are able to achieve the goal that they wish with their mindset and ideal motivations they are able to find.