Halloween Costumes

Carlito Bryant Garcia

When you are standing in the aisle to buy a Halloween costume should be easy, but most of the time it’s not. 

Every Halloween people struggle to choose a Halloween costume, and this is because they don’t know who they want to go as. Even if you know what to wear, a costume can seem boring or outdated. This can be solved with some tips about costumes. with some tips 

If you do not know what to go as you can choose a trend and get a costume from there. Two reasons this is easy to do is because the costumes will be easy to purchase and people will recognize what you.

One thing to have with a costume is to have details, for example, if you are going as a witch, try and add a broomstick, or if you are a pirate you can add an eyepatch. The extra detail really makes a costume pop and stand out from the crowd. 

With details, you can easily make them, as they do not take much time but add another level to the costume.

“I think having details on a costume makes them pop and can make a good costume become a great one,” Cole Dotzenrod, a sophomore at Lakeridge said. 

Another tip is to avoid last-minute costumes and to plan ahead, especially if you are doing a group costume.  Last-minute costumes are usually messy and don’t have a lot of effort put into them, so making a plan for your costume will be very helpful. 

You can order Halloween costumes any time of the year, and if you want to plan ahead and save money you can buy your Halloween costume Halloween for next year on November 1st, as costumes are usually on sale.

According to Fox61, the average Halloween costume cost is 45 dollars, and Americans spent over 2 billion dollars this year on costumes alone. 

Group and duo costumes are easy to do, as many costumes are recognizable and easy to buy. Your friends will also be willing to do a duo or group costume. 

“If you were Batman, I would be Superman,” Caleb Kester, a sophomore at Lakeridge said. “Duo costumes are the easiest type of costume to do.”

If you want to save some money, you can make your own costume. A lot of costumes can be homemade, and this makes it easy to make the costume feel like your own. 

You can also add details that would not be on a store-bought costume. If you go as a robot you can draw buttons on your costume, and you get more freedom to do other things with your costume. 

Whether you are planning for next year or going with a group of friends, these tips will help you choose a costume for Halloween.