Student Stress About Finals

Student Stress About Finals

Carlito Bryant Garcia

How much pressure are teens under during finals week and is there a way to improve finals? For years now, students have had midterms and finals, and they vary in what they are. Some finals are essays, some projects, but most are tests, covering material taught throughout the entire semester. 

Many students, including Cole Dotzenrod, a sophomore at Lakeridge, think finals should be reviews instead of tests, as tests are more stressful.

“I think finals can be stressful and unnecessary to have finals,” said Dotzenrod. “Classes could just do reviews rather than finals.” With classes just doing reviews instead of big tests or projects, it takes off a lot of stress from students. 

Also, having review days for finals can help students ask the teachers questions. They can also study how they choose to.

According to students, another way finals can be improved is by taking more time to study and take the actual final.

 “More time to do the finals,” said Caleb Kester, a sophomore at Lakeridge. The students won’t feel as pressured if they are given more time to take the final, as they won’t feel the need to rush and not be able to finish. Also, having more time on a final allows students to double-check their work before submitting it. 

Lastly, finals can be improved by having multiple ways to take a final. Classes should offer a variety of ways, including tests, projects, essays, and so much more. You can still have study days as those doing a project or writing an essay could prep for that.  

Finals are and may always be a stressful time for students, but in the future, with these and many other changes, students will be able to feel more confident about their work and not stress about what they got on the final.