Have you heard of RVCA?

Have you heard of RVCA?

Elayna Jansen

Most of us when we hear the word “beach  bum” the first thing that pops into our head; tan, dreadlocks, has a peace not war sticker on his 1960 Volkswagen van, and an April 20th enthusiast. Ryan Taormina defies all those stereotypes except for being tan. 


At age 20 Taormina decided that he wanted to get a job that would transform his future. Popular clothing company “Rvca” was founded in 1999 by PM Tenore in Newport Beach, California. PM, also known as “Pat” is the current president of the company. 


Ryan Taormina was born in San Francisco, 2 years after his older brother Tyler Taormina. Taormina is the middle child with a younger sister Elayna Jansen who was born 10 years after him in Irvine, California. 


The three siblings lived together in their house with parents Frank and Gina Jansen. The family left the town of Newport Beach during the summer of 2019, oldest brother, Tyler, joined the U.S army during 2015. Ryan had graduated high school and decided two years later that he would apply for a local retail job at “rvca” 


Five years later, Taormina is currently an account manager for the brand. When asked what the job ment specifically he said “My current position is account manager, I manage 250 accounts in the US and in Canada, I am selling them products and if they are having issues they hit me up,” he said. 


Being the only sibling that still lives in California, Taormina has plenty of family and friends that he sees on a regular basis. He tends to find time to fly up and visit his family whether it be during holidays,  birthdays, or just a four day weekend. When asked if he values his family’s support he said “Yes, both girlfriend and family are very supportive, their support is important to me because I love them” 


Aside from work, Ryan enjoys the sport of Golf and Surfing, he said “I enjoy golfing and surfing. Golf, I have been doing for 2 years, and surfing is something I have done my entire life” While living extremely close to the Pacific Ocean, it’s not hard to find time to surf.  


Being someone that his younger sister looks up to, he finds time to help her with school projects. Her most recent assignment is a journalism interview, and he plans to be the interviewee. The last question she inquired, “Any advice to young students who want to get involved with this business?” Taormina said, “Do what you can to get your foot in the door, nothing happens overnight, and know that everything gets noticed”