Playoff Weekend of Football

Rylan Smalley


This weekend was one of if not the craziest weekend of football ever. It was the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, and the stakes were very high.

The first of the four games were the Titans vs. Bengals. This was a low scoring game that was close the entire time. In the end, the Bengals were able to pull off the upset against the #1 seeded Titans with a walk-off, game winning field goal by Evan Mcpherson.

Mcpherson has been lights out the entire season and has earned the nickname “Money Mac.”

The final game of Saturday was the Packers vs. 49ers. Going into the playoffs the Packers were the favorites to win the Super Bowl. However, just like the #1 seed in the AFC, the #1 seed in the NFC was defeated. The 49ers won 13-10 thanks to another walk-off field goal by Robbie Gould.

The first game of Sunday was the Buccaneers vs. Rams with the Buccaneers being slightly favored to win.

Halfway through the third quarter the game looked like it was going to be a blowout with the Rams winning 27-3. This was until Tom Brady led the Buccaneers to 24 unanswered points to tie the game up. At this point it was anyone’s game. However, with time expiring, the Rams were able to make a walk-off field goal. 

At this point, all of the games had been decided by game winning field goals as the clock ran out. If you thought the Chiefs vs. The Bills game couldn’t top that excitement, you would be wrong.

Going into the 4th quarter, the Chiefs were winning 23-21 and it was set to be another close and exciting game. With two minutes left in the game the Chiefs were winning by 5 points. However, this lead did not last long. The Bills were able to drive and score a touchdown and a 2-pt conversion to take a 3-point lead. 

At the time this seemed like the game winning drive. However, 52 seconds later, the Chiefs scored a touchdown to take back their lead with just over one minute remaining. Crazy enough, 49 seconds later the Bills scored what surely had to be the game winning touchdown. The Bills were up by 3 with 13 seconds remaining.

The Chiefs pulled off the unthinkable and drove to the Bills 31-yard line in under 13 seconds. This gave them the chance to make a game tying field goal. Just to add to the craziness of the game, Harrison Butker nailed the field goal while time expired to send the game into overtime.

There was a record breaking 25 points scored in the last 2 minutes of the game.

In overtime, the Chiefs were able to drive down the field and score a touchdown, ending the game. Many people are calling for change in the overtime rules. Currently, if you start with the ball and drive to score a touchdown, you win the game. Many people do not find this fair because it doesn’t give the other team a chance to get the ball.

This game goes down as the craziest game of the season and possibly the craziest of all time.

 All of the football games this weekend was decided by one possession. This weekend brought so much excitement and entertainment, making it one of the craziest weekends of football of all time.