How has Lakeridge School Having Free Lunch Affected People’s Lives?


Ellie Corman

Parents are used to scrambling with making their kids lunch every day of the school year, but now public schools across America have made lunch burden-free by giving the option of free school lunch to all students every day.

Before quarantine started in 2020 schools nationwide only offered free lunch to students who could not afford lunch and regular lunch would cost $1-3 each day costing families around $50 per month. Quarantine brought a free meal pickup that was offered to all students to assist low-income families. Once in-person public school started again, there were many discussions on what should be done to assist students and it was decided to make school lunches free for everyone.

I used to forget my lunch all the time,” Said Freshman Ash Borrel.

When they would forget their lunch they would have to buy lunch to eat which charged their mom

“[my Mom] would get very mad at me. I used to have to eat half of other people’s lunch, which wasn’t good. But now I can eat lunch.” Many other students across America have benefited from this program in similar ways.

 The US department of education is proposing to keep the free school lunch program free, but it does cause issues. The free school lunch program has had problems with the supply change. Due to the high demand for school lunch items, there have been shortages in bulk lunch containers, ketchup, chicken nuggets, and many other items.