Into the Woods Movie review


Poster for the 2014 movie

Ellie Corman

While the idea of a musical may be a large turn-off to many people, “Into the Woods” is great for people looking for a fun, sweet fairytale.

“Into the Woods” opens on a 14-minute prologue musical number which sets up the plot of the show. It covers the main characters’ lives, each of which is loosely based on separate fairytale characters. Ranging from Cinderella to Jack and the beanstalk it’s sure to bring you back to your childhood with a bit of a twist.  

Each character takes their turn explaining their story ending with why they must head “Into the Woods”. Cinderella (played by Anna Kendrick) to talk to her mother, Jack (played by James Corden) to sell his cow best friend, Red (played by Lilla Crawford) to see her grandmother and the baker to find the ingredients for the witches (played by Meryl Streep) spell. 

Through a winding tale, all the characters cross paths before joining together for one common goal, leaving us with a heartwarming story you can never get bored of. 

Some people have said that the prologue song was too long, but I think that it feels like many shorter songs back to back with short bits of dialogue accompanying it. 

The length of it gives the movie a lot of its charm and sets up the twisting and turning storyline well without being confusing.

The music in the movie in general is gorgeous work. The couple of songs that go with little red’s story beginning with haunting, predatory number, “Hello, Little Girl”, and ending with the contrasting, “I know things” now are especially clever pieces of music that captures the wolf’s (played by Johny Dep) spooky energy and little Red’s obliviousness amazingly.

Another clever thing about this story is that there is a little something for everyone. If you enjoy romance stories pay more attention to the baker and his wife’s story. More into suspense? Watch for Jacks’ trip to the sky or Red’s encounter with the wolf.

Overall Into the Woods is a sweet story, good for enjoying with your family or just on your own.