The Costly Upcoming Sports Technology: Worth Your Investment?

Stephanie Cartwright

Have you ever had one moment in one of your sport’s games that you executed everything perfectly, yet you can’t do it again? With the upcoming sports technology, replicating that would be incredibly easy. 


Teslasuit is the way that this is coming to sports. Also designed for VR simulations, the suit has the ability to stimulate muscle memory for a specific action. 


With your muscles being able to memorize exactly what you did right, replicating it is so much easier.





The suits can do more than just enhance muscle memory however, they also can measure how tired teammates are during a match, which can be the difference between winning and losing for some sports like basketball and soccer. 


With this new technology being extremely helpful to coaches and players alike, it’s no wonder it’s expected to become a very expensive industry.


According to CNN 10, “With firms like Statsports and Catapult leading the charge, sports technology will soon be a $40 billion industry with the wearables and data collection sector worth around $8 billion.”


It seems too good to be true, and it sort of is. A single Teslasuit is $20,000, not to mention repairs and maintenance that you would need in such a young and new technology. 


However, those that can pay that high of a price are getting a humongous lead on other athletes. 


“We work with 80% of the English Premier League today, we work with every National Football League team here in the U.S,” CEO of ‘Catapult’ Will Lopes said. 


While the price for this high tech equipment might seem outrageous to us, professional sports teams use it in their daily practices, and that’s what’s giving them an advantage over others. 


“As the tech advances, the growth is showing no signs of fatigue,” CNN 10 states. 


With the new sports technology, you can effortlessly become better at your sport, and that one perfect moment where you did everything right will turn into a lot more.