Lakeridge Bowling

Zach Simmons

Bowling is a sport that is mostly played leisurely with friends, but to other bowling is there life.

That is how it seems for the lakeridge bowling team.

Now not all of the member are taking bowling that serious, but others like myself are putting all they have into improving there bowling skills

It is a very exciting time for the lakeridge, as they have their first tournament coming up this sunday morning at Mount Hood Lanes in Gresham, Oregon.

Many members are excited for this tournament as they get to bowl competitively for the first time.

The Lakeridge bowling tam is lead by Colby Neal, a Staff member of Lakeridge high school.

“I really like how much the team has grown. I can see how much each individual person have improved with there skills.” Said Colby Neal.

There star player is Elijah Chin who is a youth bowling champion.

It seems the bowling team has lots of potential to take the top spots at this upcoming tournament and I know lots of people will be cheering for them