why are video games boring

Zach Simmons

Why video games are boring

By Zach Simmons


Video Games have been something children and adults enjoy alike, but recently something about them has not been as appealing as in the past.

 Psychologists have put studies on video game consumers to get their opinions. Most have said that they have stopped playing video games because they all are just the same. 

Video games were once something that allowed people to escape, and have fun with friends. But now most people will turn on the console and get off within 20 minutes.

There are two reasons for this, burn out form playing so many video games or just the games are not fun anymore

Most first person shooters like Call of Duty have always dominated the video game world because they are so fun to play, but recently people have played those games less and less because of the rise in cheaters.

When you go up against an opponent where you have no chance in winning the game just becomes fun anymore.

Another this is that video game developers try to copy other popular concepts, so a lot of new games that come out are never totally original.

Now not all video game companies do this, but it is a very vast majority that do.

Video games have been lacking something that makes a video game good and enjoyable to the player.

That would be connectivity and gameplay.

Most games now people lose connection because they cant compete with all of the other players who are very much better than them.

Secondly you have gameplay, if a player can connect to the game but it lacks in gameplay like most story based tend to have happen, then the player will just most likely drop the game entirely.

I went around and asked people what story games were bad and they said battlefront 2 story mode, gta stories, and doom 3.

Now ultimately for a game to most likely thrive in today’s standards it need to keep  being updated and listen to its players as they are gonna be the ones with the most experience and best input for the game.