Grandma’s Travels

Many people like to take trips to wind down and get away from responsibilities to go explore beautiful landmarks around the world. However for Nancy Drummond and her late husband Donald Drummond, traveling was a lifestyle and an adventure.

Vacation spots like Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean were only the start for Drummond and her desire to travel and discover the world. In total she has been to 82 different countries in her lifetime. That is 79 more countries that the average American travels to in their lifetime. 

“…yes, we went through all of Chile, all of Argentina, quite a bit of Uruguay…Before that we had been to Ecuador and Peru. We’ve traveled quite a bit of South America, but we made it all the way down to the Antarctic.” said Drummond. Her and her Husband who passed away November 2020 lived in Chile for 9 years which gave them the opportunity to explore South America to the best of their ability. They likely witnessed more than many other travelers from around the world.

“When we toured all of Washington, DC during that trip, it was fun. We also had a private tour of the FBI, because my cousin worked for the FBI. Oh, wow. And he took us on a private tour. Wow.” said Drummond. This was the first big trip she went on and she made it the first of many visiting wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pyramids in egypt. Her favorite trip was in Mongolia because she loves horses and got to ride them all throughout Mongolia. Drummond could not recall what her least favorite trip was because she has been on so many.

In addition to trips where she flew, backpacked, and rode on horseback Drummond also went on an abundance of sail boating trips with her husband Donald Drummond who had a love of Sail Boating for the entirety of his life. Several of the locations Drummond has made sail boating trips are Easter Island, Puerto Montt, San Juan, all throughout Greece and the Mediterranean, and sailing around the island of Cuba completely. 

Her favorite sail boating experience was when she went to the mementos in the Bahamas where not many people can get access to. “Don figured out how to get us there, your grandpa did. It was so peaceful.” said Drummond. 

The longest sail boating trip for her was 22 days on her trip to Easter Island “Longest was 22 days. 22 days from hell… It was the refrigeration that went out on the boat. So we had to go up north to Valparaiso. and stayed there for two or three days where I celebrated one of my birthdays. The weather was horrendous. We had about three or four days of nice calm weather. When we got to Easter Island we couldn’t get off the boat. We wanted to get off the boat so bad.” said Drummond.