Staff and Students at Lakeridge High School are Concerned with the enforcing of Covid Restrictions


Oregon Covid-19 statistics over that past 3 weeks

Maaren Park, student

With the rise of the new Covid-19 omicron variant, many students are concerned about the precautions being taken at Lakeridge High School. 18,538 cases were confirmed in Oregon over the past weekend alone (1/15-16/22). Though it is clear continuing in-person learning is the district’s main goal in these times of uncertainty, some question if the methods in place are being enforced effectively. 


Students at Lakeridge are seen wearing their masks improperly in both the halls and classrooms and there has been little effort put towards correcting this. Many teachers/staff will ignore the improper use of masks or have given up, as many students pull their mask right back down after being corrected. The frustration of trying to enforce rules over high school students has always been difficult, but with the current reality regarding covid it is necessary that all stall/students work together to create a safe learning environment.


Educating students on the severity of current Covid cases and implementing real consequences for those who refuse is the only way to encourage the proper use of masks and social distancing. Providing no consequences is telling students that these state mandated guidelines don’t apply to them, and that the school won’t do anything to combat their actions. 


Social distancing is another factor causing students discomfort in schools. The hallways are constantly crowded with people and encouraging distance can be hard. But a lack of responsibility on both the staff and students’ part, has caused the rules of distancing to dissipate due to the lack of active enforcement. It is the duty for both the staff and students to be mindful of everyone’s possible situations and health risks.


The current environment of Lakeridge is not concerned with the effects Covid can have on a person’s family and loved ones. This disease has caused so much loss and it’s time that people take responsibility for their actions. Without a combined effort from all people in the Lakeridge community, little progress can be made towards normalcy. 


According to the official Oregon government website, schools are to “Support physical distancing in all daily activities and instruction, maintaining at least 3 feet between students to the extent possible ” If this is the state standard for all schools then Lakeridge is falling far behind. When conducting a survey, Students who were asked if they believe Lakeridge is doing everything they can to create a safe environment for students over 80% said no.