Ava Branch: The Master Organizer at Lakeridge High School

Stephanie Cartwright

A walking talking organizer could probably make much more money than those $20 organizers you find at Target, but for high school sophomore Ava Branch’s friends, she comes for free.

She is certainly the mom of her friend groups; she is an expert at planning everything, from small events like hanging out with her friends, or going to concerts.

“I have a calendar and I plan out my weeks on Sunday nights. That way I know everything going on throughout the week and it helps me to not become overwhelmed,” Branch said.

The satisfaction that comes with successfully planning something is one of the things that Branch loves about organizing things. The motivation that comes with finishing something is what keeps her going.

“I have a whiteboard by my desk downstairs, and I like to write down my assignments on it,” Branch said. “Something about crossing an assignment off stimulates my brain to want to get more things done, so that’s been helpful.”

Ava Branch

However, planning to do her homework is definitely not the hardest part of planning and organizing; group events running smoothly are super hard to pull off. While Branch usually gets the events working for everyone, sometimes it’s just not possible.

“There’s so many moving parts and factors that could upset things, and it’s hard to get everything to run smoothly,” she said. “I just try my best and be flexible. Sometimes tweaking a few things makes everything work, and sometimes it doesn’t and that’s that.”

These aspects of planning and organizing are somewhat easy to learn and to do, but the thing that separates Branch from the rest of her plans with organizing, is the natural talent that she has with it. One of the ways this came into play was her reign of being a captain of one of the high school girls soccer teams.

“I don’t think it was that hard for me because I have a little bit of natural leadership, and I enjoy being a leader in drills, and especially off the field team bonding activities,” she said.

Obviously, the coach saw her organization and leadership skills, making him choose her as a captain. Her planning skills were one of the factors that made the team bond so close; all of the extra practices and hang out sessions made the team feel more like family. It also made the team one of the coach’s favorites. But to her, it all came with ease.

“I think I like the feeling of being in control,” Branch said. “It’s always been natural for me, just a part of my personality.”

Whether her friends, family, soccer team or herself benefits from her masterful organizing, her natural talent of getting things perfectly planned helps her have an exceptional character.

Not all planning is super serious though, and Branch likes to spice things up with her choices on things like calendars.

“This January I had a Joshua Bassett phase, so I have a Joshua Bassett calendar,” she said.

We can’t all have a Branch in our friend group, but we can strive to be like her.

“Lil twiggy out. Peace,” said Branch.