Social Media Dividing Our Society

Ellery Smith , student writer

Social media is creating a rift in our society pushing people to one side or the other, you’re for or against there is no middle ground. Social media is creating a negative divide in our society more than it is bringing us together. 

This division in our society is causing people to pick one side of an argument or another in the middle of the road or “sitting on the fence” no longer exists. And people’s hate for people on the other side grows because of what they see on social media. This is due to the fact that according to a survey done by NBC 66% of adults go onto social media at least once a day.

This ever-present feed of news being pushed at people through their social media is a place where they go to see pictures of the kids not news about the horrors of the world. This is causing many adults to feel tired of social media at least 55% of adult users feel worn out about how many political posts they were viewing according to a study done by Purdue University.
This divide in our society does normally center around politics especially lately about the presidency with hashtags #dumptrump or #sleepybiden circling all over social media. People are constantly posting their opinion on social media. In another study by Purdue University over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit There were some 4,101,394 mentions of Senator Harris with 31% of them being positive compared to 26% being negative and the rest (43%) being neutral. 

But the divide branches out to other things like how to raise your children, there are lots of parents who feel the pressure from other parents about how to raise their children. Or how to lose weight in a healthy way, where and how to get your education, what you should do when and if you retire. 

This pressure and divide are felt by every age range from young teens new to social media or elderly people who are just on social media for their grandkids. In a survey by NBC, 64 percent of Americans think social media platforms do more to divide us and that includes majorities of Republicans, independents, and Democrats, as well as majorities of whites, Latinos, young adults, and seniors.

This division in our society needs to change before we forget what empathy and understanding are. You can easily help in solving this problem by reading one news article a week from the other side of your belief, something you completely and utterly don’t believe. If you normally read FOX News read NBC, if you read MNBC watch examiner. 

This cross-examination of a debate and of your belief helps you to understand the other side builds tolerance and bridges the gap between what you believe and what they believe something that we have almost lost in our society today.