Watch Out Athletes! Omicron Variant Seen Lacing up its Basketball Shoes?!

Natalie Langer

Not one, not two, but one of 10 new variants of Covid-19 has sparked another fire for schools and sports teams around the country. The Omicron variant, another severely contagious virus has outbroken once again in Oregon and is a roadblock for the LHS girls basketball program. 

As a winter sport, basketball this previous season was postponed until May and June of 2021 due to outbreaks of Covid-19. As things decelerated throughout summer, both LHS basketball teams were able to practice in full contact without masks through November. Unfortunately with Omicron’s new striking, the girls and boys teams are required to wear masks in practice and are allowed a maximum of four spectators per game. Cheerleaders and the band will not be attending games for the rest of January, and are hoping to make a comeback if the Omicron variant becomes under control by February. 

Karmen Perry, a sophomore at LHS said that she feels “like we are taking steps backward with the pandemic, but I’m grateful that we are continuing as a program and that we are still able to be in school.” 

With a requirement of masks during games, practices, and limited contact allowed during the previous postponed May-June season, the team is appreciative and cooperative of the new protocols being implemented for this current season. Luckily, games are still in session, and contact is allowed.

“I personally feel that we are doing a good job trying to prevent the spread through our team.” Said Junior, Abby Winston. “Staying home when we are sick, getting our boosters, and wearing our masks during practice.”

Vaccinated athletes and students are required to quarantine for five days after testing positive or showing symptoms, which has made the turnout of students decrease rapidly. 

Covid-19 has affected things in the past, but the team remains optimistic about preventing the spread of Covid and are mindful of its consequences. 

“The mental toll covid took on me knowing I wouldn’t be there for my team was the toughest part. Watching the games from home just wasn’t the same. I am still trying to recover, but I probably won’t be the same for a long time” said Junior Maddie Allen. 

The physical and mental aspect of Covid-19 for sports and students is very difficult, especially

2021-2022 Lakeridge Girls Varsity Basketball team

for athletes recovering from respiratory sickness. The Lakeridge girls basketball team is continuing to help prevent the sickness and keep themselves and others healthy!