LHS Institutes Two School Lunch

While Covid-19 cases are decreasing, the school’s lunch schedule is subject to change when Lake Oswego School District is allowed to modify Covid-19 restrictions. 

After talking to Principal Fisher, it is understood that students are to maintain a three foot distance while also making the atmosphere for students as normal as possible. 

“Students are allowed to sit anywhere [at lunch time] but struggle comes from maintaining a safe distance,” stated Fisher. 

It is known that the effects of Covid-19 have taken a toll on school schedules and lunch regulations. In order to provide safety for all students and teachers, everyone should remain 6 feet when not masked and 3 feet with masks. 

The most important thing for students to understand, is to walk around and be masked. “[keep] 6 feet when not masked 3 feet with masks. The most important thing for students to understand is to walk around and be masked,” says Fisher. 

The benefits for maintaining Covid-19 safety policies and regulations are to keep students safe while also allowing the population of students to feel freedom with friends. The disadvantages of the current lunch schedule at Lakeridge is that students can’t have all of their friends during one lunch, which initiates a lost sense of community. “Building community a lot of times means being together,” reported Principal Fisher. 

According to the Ready Schools Safe Learners 2020-21 guidance website, or commonly referred to as RSSL, states that the schools should have a decreased amount of students in each classroom to reduce risk and increased cases. 

“Schedule electives and lunches to maintain or reduce cohort groups to the extent possible,” reports Ready Schools Safe Learners. 

In order to keep in person school an option, there are strict guidelines the school districts and Lakeridge have to follow. “A smaller and distinct cohort size limit of 36 is recommended for public health and safety, and schools are strongly encouraged to create and maintain smaller cohorts when feasible,” states RSSL. 

As for future school events in the 2021-2022 school year, Principal Fisher claims that with the effects of Covid-19 still in place, Lakeridge is trying their best to accommodate annual occasions like prom and graduation. Although it may or may not look similar to what it used to be during Pre-Covid, Lakeridge is working towards the effort to make the school year as normal as possible.