New Technology Installed In Lake Oswego Classrooms

Including New Bell Audio, New TVs, and New Microphones

Roman Siger, Staff Reporters

Because of the new 2021 bond projects, new bell audio and digital clock systems have been installed in classrooms within the Lake Oswego school district.

The technology infrastructure project is one of the bond projects for the 2021-2022 school year. The project has added updated technologies to classrooms such as audio enhancing speakers, 75’’ monitors, and new digital clocks that play the audio of the new bell.

While the new technology was installed as a renovation, students and teachers have their own opinions on whether the bell system is an improvement over previous years.

When asked if this years’ bell audio was better than previous years’, Jason Tongue, Junior, said “No, it’s too quiet. It sounds like a doorbell”.

Several different opinions were shared about the new 75’’ TVs installed in classrooms.

“They are complete overkill. I wish they had just spent the money on better Chromebooks” said Lucas Pollock, junior.

When asked if the new televisions were clearer than the SMART Boards previously in the building, Walker Godfrey, junior, said, “there’s not much of a difference, they’re kind of the same.”

Charlie Mattoon, junior, said “the new TV’s are clearer, and crisper”.

New microphones worn around the necks of teachers were also provided for all classrooms around the district, designed to increase the volume of the speaker and make it easier for students to hear their teachers while everyone is wearing masks.

When asked if the microphones made it easier to hear the teacher across the classroom, Finn Rolstad, sophomore, said, “yes, it makes the audio clearer and louder so it is easier to hear.”