District Partially Funds New Pool for Aquatic Sports

Maaren Park and Elayna Jansen

Frustrated with the current conditions of the LOHS pool, the many complaints from the aquatic sports teams will finally be addressed. The District has donated $15 million, after the recent bond passed, to build a new swimming pool by the Lake Oswego Public Golf Course. 

One of the lead Project developers, Bruce Powers, stated that the pool is now about 50% through the design phase and is expected to begin the building process around spring or summer 2022.  Through the design phase, details about increasing the capacity of viewers as well as the addition of a separate competition pool have been highlighted as necessary changes from the public. 

He hopes the pool will create a “positive scene” for those who partake in aquatic sports, and provide a fresh new environment. He also stated that the old pool has “done it’s service”. 

After speaking to members of the Lakeridge Water Polo team, it is clear that the pool they are currently utilizing, at Lake Oswego High School, is severely inadequate for their needs. Water polo player Michael Smith says the current pool is “old” and “lacking usable equipment”. 

Sophomore Elise Rabe, another Water Polo player, seems to agree with the previous statements. She claims that the current pool has little space for spectators and that she would look forward to a larger space for viewers in the new plan. She also hopes that the pool will be compatible for people living with disabilities. 

Both team members agree that this is a more than necessary way to spend the school’s bond funding. The district is expected to donate a total of $15 million through an agreement with the city. 

On the Lake Oswego Bond website, it states that it is taking the public recommendations into account and hopes to provide a larger pool capacity, larger space for recreational lap swimming, and an additional competition pool. 

Many people were led to believe the pool would be located at the new Lakeridge Middle School, but it is actually being built at the Lake Oswego Public Golf Course. This location was deemed efficient due to the availability of space and the proximity to the high school. 

Though the pool will be physically located near LHS, it will be used by all of the schools within the Lake Oswego School District.