Boys Varsity Soccer Breakout Season

Boys Varsity Soccer Comeback

Competing like a Pacer, dedicated with integrity, the boys varsity soccer team has had an exciting season so far, stealing 10 wins, one draw, and zero losses. The team has been exemplary this year, ranking number two in the whole state of Oregon.

“There’s obviously extra pressure being undefeated, but it also builds up momentum for every game. And most of the time I don’t get too stressed out because I’m playing the game I love,” said sophomore Rafa Loyo. 

Typically, Friday night football games attract the most fans, and while that’s still true, the student section at the boys soccer games has been growing.

 “I’m one to thrive off energy, and the energy the fans provide helps me push harder in the games, ” said Niko Lampros, another sophomore. 

Team co-captain, Andrew Real, also feeds off this energy.

 “The atmosphere is amazing when people come out, and the cheering brings up the spirit,“ he said. 

Sometimes a winning streak brings extra pressure, but in this case the team is unfazed. “We all know what we’re capable of and what it has taken to get to this point. The outside noise and distractions are irrelevant,” said Niko Lampros. 

As a team, the boys all take pride in their skills, and practice keeping a positive stature, whether they’re winning or losing, remarks Andrew Real. Being positive and not letting each other down during games on the field and on the bench is also an important factor in the team’s consistent wins. 

Lakeridge’s boys soccer team has a couple traditions for game day.

 “We wear polos on game day,” said senior co-captain Ryan Sze.

“We’ve been listening to IDOL by Mind Enterprises,” says Niko Lampros, “By far the greatest pre game song ever invented.”