Pace Time Re-imagined

What’s new, What’s old

Rachel Fleck and Ellie Corman

Connecting socially and emotionally with teachers and students is the new goal for Pace Time for the 2021-2022 LHS school year. 

Your Pace Time class will be on Wednesdays from 10:05-10:40 with the teacher found in Studentvue under “class schedule” listed as 10th period. If there are other events happening on Wednesdays there may not be Pace Time, you can find out if there is in the weekly Pacer E-News email from the principal. 

“I think this year the goal has shifted so the main goal [of Pace Time] this year is social-emotional learning for students and teachers,” said Assistant Principal Noah Hurd. In each Pace Time class, your teacher will be presenting an interactive social and emotional learning lesson or SEL.

Previously test retakes and meetings were during Pace Time but now they are supposed to take place during TSCT time. You can also meet with your teachers or the testing coordinator to plan a different time to take the test. Instead of test retakes and make-up work students will be expected to participate in the Character Strong lessons during PT. 

Students have varying opinions on Pace Time so far.

“I just feel like I’m not being productive, there is no day where I have nothing else I could be getting done to lower my stress levels,” said LHS freshman Campbell Brittnal. “It is important to take care of your Emotional and Mental well-being, it truly is, but these SEL lessons don’t help me with that and my problems.” 

The SEL lessons are from the  Character Strong program. These lessons were given to all students who were middle school students in the 2020-2021 school year and are now being taught to all LHS students. 

A survey of random freshman students was taken with the question,

“Do you enjoy the character strong lessons?” The results showed that zero percent of students said yes, 77.8% of students said no and the rest of the 22.2% of students said meh, sometimes, and generally no.