Teens Get Jobs

Balancing a job, school and extracurriculars can be difficult but Lakeridge is here to help.

Emma Streano and Natalie Langer

Getting hired as a teenager is hard to balance with school and extracurriculars, but is made easier with the many resources available at LHS. When searching for a place to apply, every student should check out the job board and talk to our transition specialist, Joann Bittner, for advice.

“Whatever your interest area is, that’s what you should try to get a job in,” said Bittner. 

Other great resources are parents and peers with work experience 

LHS senior and Pure Barre employee Alexa Shaheen advises students that “school comes first, so be sure to communicate with your leaders to make sure your schedules align.” 

As a student who runs multiple clubs, is involved in extracurriculars and finds time to work a maximum of 15 hours a week, Shaheen said “you should definitely put things you’re participating in down on a calendar. This will allow everything to be in one place and cause you not to overbook or overlap activities.” 

Aside from balancing extracurricular activities, applying and showing up for your first interview can be very intimidating. 

 “Even if you’re going to work at a gas station job, always make sure you dress nicer. A collared shirt, pants without holes, and good hygiene,” said Bittner. 

Every student should consider visiting the F-wing to contact Joann Bittner for help when applying and preparing for a job. She provides information when dressing correctly, creating a resume and searching for jobs in your area that may align with your interests.