Mask in school required

Mask in school and the punishment for not wearing them

Carlito Bryant Garcia, Staff Reporter

By now, masks have been worn in school for a while, but some students still aren’t clear on what will happen if they fail to comply. 

If a student cannot wear a mask properly, they will get a warning for the first time. After three times of being told to wear a mask, the school will call home, and you will be sent back home for the rest of the day. 

If you cannot still correctly wear a mask, you could have an in-school suspension and talk with the school administration. Even after that, if you cannot wear a mask properly, you will be learning on virtual LO.

 When you are sent to virtual LO, you lose a lot of credit that is hard to make up,” assistant principal Doc Willis said. “We don’t want to send kids to virtual LO, but it’s for the other student’s safety.” 

Wearing a mask below the nose is not worn correctly, and gators are not considered actual masks. The district stands by the governor’s policy,” Doc Willis says. This means if there is another lockdown, we most likely will have online school for the time being. So whatever is put in place by Governor Brown will be put in place here.

 As of now, there is no clear timeline for when we will return to school without masks, but with there still being over 1000 new cases every day, it could take a while.

A tip for being able to wear a mask is to have one that is comfortable. Make sure you have a comfortable mask, or else it will be torture for the rest of the day,” Roman Siger, a student at Lakeridge, says. Having a comfortable mask will lessen the urge to take it off or have it below the nose during the day.