Lakeridge Softball

Skyler McKinney, Editor

Lakeridge High School’s Softball went through a lot of changes this past year, but were able to triumph and showcase an impressive season.

They ended the season 14-4. Out of 19 players, 10 were on varsity and the other nine on JV.

Of the 18 games, team members said an impressive game was against Tigard when the score was 5-1 in Lakeridge’s favor.

The softball team had great success this past season, meanwhile having to deal with a multitude of changes that came their way.

Pacer sophomore Genevieve Bialobok gives her remarks on some changes that happened to the team.

When asked about what some of these alterations included said, “The biggest change was just trying to play with all the new Covid protocols. And not getting a full season, but this was also our first year with the new batting barn.”

“Positives were that we did get to play this year and we had a bunch of freshmen to play with us,” said Bialobok.

Pacer junior Holly Beeman wanted to dive further into these changes.

“I love that we have a place to work that’s so close to our field,” said Beeman. “It’s an awesome place to go to when we warm up and prepare for our games! It definitely made our practices and game warm ups a lot smoother.”

Beeman also continued on Bialobok’s remarks on the new Covid protocols.

“We had limited practices before our season started which was definitely different,” said Beeman. “The shorter season was also a big adjustment. Along with that, we were wearing masks the whole time and social distancing when possible!”

“It definitely altered how the season would typically go,” said Bialobok. “But I think everyone was thankful we still got a season.”