Demon Slayer Movie Review: “Mugen Train”

Review of a movie following the show “Demon Slayer”

Vega Baker, Staff Reporter

A continuation of the show “Demon Slayer” has recently released a movie that fans have been thrilled for. It’s called the “Mugen Train Edition” and is currently in theaters. It was even more exciting to see the movie in theaters because of how long they were closed for safety concerns. Since reopening, movies will become the fun activity we all missed for a year.

Demon Slayer season one was released in 2019 based on the manga made in 2016 and broadcast a couple years later on Netflix. The idea of a movie continuing a show seemed strange at first, but I ended up enjoying the movie. 

The plot of season one follows a teenage boy avenging his family’s death from demons by pursuing life as a demon slayer. Demons are seen as fatal enemies to people and need the protection of slayers to ensure safety. These people are swordsmen who train and pass tests to officially become demon slayers. 

The main character, Tanjiro, is a devoted orphan in hopes of saving his sister, Nezuko, who was turned into a demon while his family was attacked. She has trouble communicating with him but proves herself to be loyal and protecting people instead of her own kind. The first season ends with Tanjiro and his new friends boarding a train for their next fight with demons. 

I bought the movie tickets for “Mugen Train” online, and the theater was almost empty aside from a few groups spread across the seats. Watching it in theaters gave the movie more excitement with the fights scenes. 

Kate Kohnstamm, a sophomore at Lakeridge also saw  the movie with me. “I like that it was a movie because it gave me an excuse to go to the movie theater again and I thought it was the perfect length for what the plot was.”

The plot continued the group of friends on a train unaware of their next mission. After meeting a higher ranked demon slayer, they figured out that the next few fights would be on the train and their goal would be to protect the passengers. Fighting alongside Rengoku, the higher ranked demon slayer, humbled Tanjiro and his friends from his talent and he served as a mentor to them.  We also got to learn more about their back stories and character during the fight.

The encounter with the enemies on the train lasted most of the movie with intense fighting scenes that left me nervous and unsure what would happen. The characters and demons were intriguing to learn about and watch fight. The series is interesting from how unique the demons are and their weapons used against people. 

The final battle scene was between two of the most skilled opponents, with dramatic dialogue and technique for fighting. The battle ended with Rengoku getting badly injured and the demon escaping. With his last words, he gave an inspiring speech, leaving everyone in tears, while peacefully joining his mother in death. 

The viewers were all hoping Rengoku would somehow survive, but the show revolves around tragedy. To balance out the unfortunate events, Tanjiro is a very hopeful and devoted character assisted by his comedic friends to lighten the mood. 

I was first skeptical at a movie following a show, but I thought it was great and recommend it to people who like this kind of story. 

“It didn’t need to be another season. I think the movie is the perfect length for it,” said Kohnstamm. The movie kind of resembles an episode that was a lot longer, because there was one main demon they all fought and an ending allowing for more seasons. 

I loved the characters and movie in general, and am excited for more content within “Demon Slayer.” The second season will be coming out this summer, but not on the platform of Netflix for a couple more years unfortunately. Other places to watch the second season will be Hulu or Crunchyroll.