Lakeridge Lacrosse is Back!


Emma Jeanson

Over the course of the 2020-21 high school year, the big question for all LHS student athletes was, “Are we going to have a season?” Luckily almost halfway into the school year, the long awaited and dynamic decisions made by OSAA stated that all of the athletes could finally have a shortened six week season. 


In regards to the fall and winter sports, the wait between the previous season and the one in 2021 was a little over a year. However, for spring sport athletes, the anticipated wait for a season lasted over two years. Due to the coronavirus canceling track and field, baseball, softball, tennis and lacrosse back in March of 2020, the last games and meets participated date back to May of 2019. 


For the Pacer girls lacrosse team, the two-year wait was more than enough time to rebuild and get ready for the six week season. In the span of that time, the team gained a new head coach through Pacer Lacrosse alumni Lauren Delancellotti. They also welcomed multiple new faces of freshman and sophomores who weren’t able to participate in the canceled 2020 season. 


“Coming into the program during such a weird season was definitely interesting but it’s been super fun and I’m glad the girls get to go out and play finally,” coach Delancellotti said. 


The team had a record of 6-7 for the season and made huge strides as a team after each game.


“The season is going really well in my opinion because we are all friends and have so much fun together. I think we have a great balance of focus and also being ourselves and making the best of this shorter season,” junior Stella Hartfield said. 


 Of course the 2021 season came with a few differences than the 2019 one: wearing masks during games and practices, social distancing when applicable, limiting spectators, applying hand sanitizer and adjusting as needed.

“It is definitely weirder in 2021. Playing in masks is a challenge in itself, but also just trying to organize team bonding and things like that is hard because you always have to think about Covid precautions. And even smaller things like not high-fiving the other team after games,” said senior Lily McGinley. 


Some notable things cut out of the 2021 girls lacrosse season were the team weekend retreats, pasta feeds and other small team bonding activities.


Despite the wait and the limitations, McGinley also said, “The season is as good as we can make it! It is short so everything is kind of condensed, but everyone is just happy to be able to play again. We all missed lacrosse during the pandemic and we are having a lot of  fun as a team!”


 Adding to that, another senior on the team, Aiden McColluch said, “Our season started a little slow, but we’re having so much fun as a team and looking forward to the rest of our games.”