Midnight Berry Freeze


Maya Taylor, Staff Reporter

A typical order at Taco Bell is usually no more than $10. To create the perfect order you must include all the components: an entrée, dessert item, and a beverage. Taco Bell has been a popular fast food restaurant since 1962. With their variety of menu items, there is always something for everyone. What makes this place so unique is its growing menu and new things coming out every month. 

The newest addition to Taco Bell is the Midnight Berry Freeze. It has a blue raspberry base with a blackberry swirl. It looks a bit like outer space. This fast-food chain kicked off the new year with a blue and purple swirl slushie. 

If you compare this slushie to a regular Icee from 7/11, you will find Taco Bell exceeds your expectations. They have completely different textures. Taco Bell has a more icy feel whereas Icee’s are very smooth. This drink pairs well with a beefy 5-layer burrito and Cinnabon Delights. 

Because these drinks have a $3 price tag, it is an easy and cheap addiction. Of course, I had to get my hands on it.  

Taco Bell is an LO fan favorite. With the closest one being at Bridgeport Village, a popular spot for people that live in Lake Oswego, it is easy to get there. I go to Taco Bell at least once a week to get a freeze and it is almost always the highlight of my week. I have made it a tradition for me to sit in the parking lot and watch TikTok while I eat. 

Taco Bell has made huge efforts to stay COVID safe during these times. All the bags are now sealed and handed to you in a bag rather than physical contact like other drive-thru restaurants. They have limited physical interactions. While drive-thrus are probably the safest ways to order and receive food nowadays, Taco Bell goes above and beyond. 

Overall, Taco Bell does a great job curating an amazing experience not only with the food but the service as well. The freezes should be tried by everyone. They are refreshing and amazing.