Affects of COVID on High School Student

Maya Taylor, Staff Reporter

With over 400,000 deaths in the US attributed to the coronavirus, the last 10 months have been a great struggle for everyone. Whether you have been directly affected or not, this pandemic has influenced everyone in some way. Students around Oregon, including those at LHS, have not been able to attend in person school since Mar. 13 of last year due to this. 

It is still unclear on when students will be able to return to school. LOSD had proposed bringing elementary students back in early February; that plan has been pushed back and no new date has been proposed.

Many schools in Oregon have already decided to make the switch from online to in-person. One of the main reasons some schools have not reopened is because administrators are not sure if it will be safe enough. 

Many students have come in contact and got infected with the virus. 

“A few months ago, I tested positive for coronavirus and I was literally out of school for three weeks,” said Emme Do, a local high school student. She fell behind in school because of this. During this time “I had a hard time sleeping and breathing and had to get up constantly throughout the night so I could breathe better,” said Do. 

This is not a typical sickness where you can go to the doctor and get prescribed medicine to make you feel better. 

“I was not allowed out of the house for a good month afterwards because my parents didn’t want me to contract it or give it to other people after the fact,” said Do. 

Her parents were strict about this because they are a little bit older so it could have been very dangerous if they came in contact with coronavirus. 

Do has realized that more people need to take this pandemic more seriously. People need to be six feet apart from each other and only go out of the house when necessary. 

“Obviously I know it’s hard to social distance and not see your friends but it’s better than being sick for a month,” said Do.