Masks- types and styles

Vega Baker, Staff Reporter

Ellie Connor and Amelia Bohls at basketball practice

Face masks have been normalized across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of different styles of masks have been popularized. It’s even become a way to express fashion.

The standard surgical mask, homemade masks and clear face shields are among the most popular. From how long Covid is lasting, people have gotten used to wearing masks while playing sports, going to work, and going outside in general.  

Doing physical activity like sports gets tiring and hard to breathe sometimes, especially with a mask. Some have found themselves wheezing for air as masks cover their nose and mouth during strenuous exercise. 

“The brand of mine is UnderArmour and it’s an athletic material,” said Ellie Connor, a Lakeridge basketball athlete. “And it’s kind of shaped in a way that you can breathe easier that’s away from your mouth.” 

While this kind of mask may be more bulky, it’s proven to be worth it from the allowance to catch your breath easier. Sweating is another issue almost everyone can relate to, but materials such as nylon can help. There are materials that help reduce sweat like nylon. 

Many have found masks annoying to wear everywhere, but some have taken it as an opportunity for fashion with fun designs and styles. Homemade masks are a perfect way to create whatever color or design you want along with being reusable as well. They are also easier to adjust to your face so it’s not too tight or loose. 

Another issue is how people wear them. The point of a mask is to cover your nose and mouth. Some people lower their masks to talk, breathe easier or other reasons, which defeats the point. Wearing a mask the correct way is essential to limit the spread of Covid. 

Another problem is whether a mask in a drive thru is necessary. If you’re in your own car, it seems safe, but it does invade the 6 foot rule. It’s always better to be safe even if there is a low risk in spreading the virus in a drive thru. 

The precautions of specific jobs require a lot of extra Covid rules. Grace Rooney, a senior at Lakeridge, works as a waitress at the Springs at Carman Oaks. This is a retirement home where Covid is taken seriously. 

“I’m not sure how our face shields give more protection,” said Rooney. Wearing a mask and face shield is required at the Springs. “It’s good to be safe though but it can get so hot.” Rooney said. It’s essential to take these precautions when interacting with the elderly who are at a higher risk of Covid. 

Going back to life before masks will be strange from how normalized they’ve become, although, people have generally gotten used to wearing a mask almost everywhere in public and will continue until there is guaranteed safety.