Dating During the Pandemic

Picture the classic date, dining in a restaurant and going to a movie in theaters right after. Now, imagine the movie theaters shutting down and the restaurants and shops limited to takeout and in store pickup only. Unlucky for us, with the COVID-19 virus around, we don’t have to imagine that, it is a reality, making it harder to spend time with significant others and go on enjoyable dates and adventures people would normally do during pre-covid times. 

In regards to the difficulties that arise while dating during the pandemic, one Lakeridge High School student said, “It’s definitely hard to find things to do for sure. A lot of things are closed and a lot of people are cautious and don’t allow other people in their house, so I guess for those people just hanging out at home is not an option.” Despite the restrictions and limitations COVID-19 has brought on everyone, there are still many other safe and socially distant activities around Oregon that love birds can do to make their relationship a little more fun.

The first activity that couples can do together is Cosmic Tubing. Just an hour and 20 minutes from Lake Oswego, the Mt. Hood Ski Bowl offers a unique experience to go tubing with others on the mountain at night. The venue is lit up with LED lights, projecting colors all around the tubing exhibit. There are three night sessions, all costing $38.00 per person. The first session is from 5 to 6:30 p.m., the second session is from 6:45 to 8:15 p.m., and the last session is from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. One must reserve the session slot tickets in advance online and it is recommended to show up 20-30 minutes before their scheduled time. This date is fun, safe, and affordable, perfect for any couple looking to do something different and exciting during these boring times.

Another date idea for couples to do is to adventure across Portland while doing the “4T” trail. This date only costs a total of $5.00 and will get people off their feet to explore the scenic parts our city has to offer. 

The “4T” stands for train, trail, tram, and trolley. From downtown, purchase an all-day MAX light rail ticket and catch a ride from the city to the Oregon Zoo. From there, signs will take one across the Highway 26 overpass to go onto the Marquam trail which will take one to a scenic lookout called Council Crest Park in 1.3 miles. After that,  either continue on the trail for 2.2 more miles or walk down the streets leading to the park for 1.6 miles to the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)  campus to board onto the Portland Aerial Tram. 

The tram offers a beautiful view of downtown Portland along with the waterfront and there is no cost to ride it going downhill. Following the third T, finish the day off by taking the Portland StreetCar (Trolley) near the base of the tram back to downtown where you started the “trail.” This activity takes about four hours to complete, however it is highly recommended by Portlanders who’ve done it and is a cheap way to get out of the house and have fun with one’s significant other. 

Some other ideas for a date out in the city include riding the Nike bikes or Lime scooters which are scattered across town and can be located through their own specific apps or online. Each option costs a dollar to unlock the bike or scooter and around 20 cents per minute after unlocking. Take a ride around the city or waterfront on a day without rain, exploring the unique parts of Portland. To finish off the date, hit up some of the amazing food carts that are scattered across the city, specifically the Third or Fifth Avenue Food Cart Pods which include a variety of affordable meals, capping off the perfect date. 

Along with tubing, hiking and riding around town, Oregon also offers a variety of other activities to do with a partner including: visiting the Lan Su Chinese Garden, hiking in the Gorge or Forest Park, visiting the Oregon Zoo, and going to scenic lookouts such as Mt. Tabor, Pittock Mansion, and Rocky Butte. While COVID-19 may seem to limit a large chunk of everyone’s lives, it also gives us an opportunity to get creative with safe and fun date ideas straying away from easy options like going to the movies or staying home.