Online Clubs


Nancy Anderson

Just like everything else this past year, students are making due and participating in clubs over zoom. Leaders of the clubs have had to rework their activities in order to make it safe and engaging for participants. Some clubs are able to be in person by taking safety precautions of masks, washing hands, and social distancing. Having clubs take place, despite being online, add a sense of normalcy to this stressful and abnormal year. 

Although having club meetings over zoom may be less fun and engaging, it allows flexibility for the students as they can join the meeting from anywhere. Due to the lack of social activities thanks to the pandemic, clubs allow students to talk and meet new people outside of a school setting. In addition, more students have time this year due to outside events and sports being cancelled, giving an opportunity to join different clubs and get out of one’s comfort zone.

However, clubs taking place at Lakeridge like the Green Team and the Food Pantry, were able to have some activities in person. Ellie Connor, a sophomore at LHS, tells us about her experience working with Lakeridge Food Pantry. Connor says, “It was fun and I liked doing it so I’m excited to do it again”. When asked about the precautions and safety, Connor said, “We weren’t able to stay six feet apart, but everyone wore masks and we wiped down the carts in between using them.” Overall, Ellie felt safe working with her club in person due to the precautions made, leaving her excited to volunteer again. 

“I feel like it wouldn’t be that different if these meetings were in person”, said Connor on the topic of virtual club meetings. “There would probably be more of a sense of community if we were in person because people wouldn’t have their cameras off and we would be able to talk to other members. But the information is the same.”

 Emily Zou, another sophomore at LHS is a part of the clubs Students Demand Actions, FNHS, and communicare. “Not this year, nothing is in person,” said Zou when asked if any of her clubs activities are in person. Emily informs us that the zoom calls are not awkward because there are not that many people. Overall, the clubs aren’t very different being virtual. “In person, SDA is at lunch and it’s mostly the same stuff, just longer meetings.”