Sports and Covid

Carter Pahl

“Seeing Students in every other state getting to play their senior seasons just heightens our desire to play,” said senior Football player Luke Basso. This year, many student athletes are concerned about the likelihood of any sports taking place. All the social distancing guidelines in place right now make it seem unlikely for any sports to take place until numbers improve. The OSAA is currently trying to do everything possible to create a safe environment for sports to take place.

High school sports are currently being split into 3 different seasons. Fall sports will take place first from Feb. 22 to April 11. Spring sports will follow from April 5 to May 23. Winter sports will take place from May 10 until June 27. 

Due to the fact that most winter sports take place inside, the OSAA moved them to the end of the school year with hopes that the numbers will improve. Spring sports will be taking place during the rainiest time of the year which can cause issues for softball, baseball, and tennis.

The OSAA divided all sports into 3 different categories based on the amount of contact that occurs while playing the sports. Tennis, swimming, golf, cross country and track and considered to be non-contacts sports. They also all take place outside, which increases their likelihood of actually taking place. Softball, baseball, soccer and volleyball are considered medium contact sports. 

The full contact sports include Football, Wrestling, and Basketball. All three of these sports are currently prohibited under current guidelines. Full Contact sports won’t be able to proceed completely as usual. With Football scheduled to play in February and Wrestling and Basketball both indoors, it’s unlikely that any full contact sports will happen.

Most high school sports at Lakeridge have been practicing since the summer, but lots of safety guidelines have been put in place. Social distancing and masks are required at all times. And full contact sports can only train and condition. No contact is allowed between players, and until Lake Oswego get out of the “High Risk” category, no indoor practices are allowed at all. 

As of right now the indoor and full contact restricts have it looking pretty gloomy for Football and Volleyball. But athletes still hold out hope. Senior football player Andrew Oliver explained “Even though we aren’t really sure if we’re going to have a season, we practice everyday like our season is taking place as normal”. He also said that “We wanna keep practicing like normal so we are ready when the season starts.”