What’s it like to get the COVID-19 Vaccine as a young person?

January 27, 2021

The possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine has been talked about ever since the beginning of the pandemic. Now we have one, and it’s finally being distributed. While the Moderna vaccine is only for people who are 18 years of age or older, the Pfizer vaccine is currently available for anyone working in a healthcare facility (including people under 18) or anyone over the age of 75. The majority of people getting the vaccine at the moment are adults, but what’s it like to get the vaccine being a highschool student? 

The most effective of the two is the Pfizer vaccine. It is taken in two doses that are several weeks apart. According to PBS.org, the vaccine does have some side effects and symptoms that come along with it. Common symptoms are fatigue, fever, headache, chills, or swelling. These are fairly common and show the body is building immunity- and these side effects are not uncommon in other vaccines as well. 

Emma Daniels, a junior at Riverdale Highschool, recently got her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine because of her position in an essential health care facility. “I did experience some symptoms,” she said. “The biggest ones being pain at the injection site for a few days and full body fatigue.” She said that she is glad she got the vaccine and felt grateful to be one of the firsts to receive it. 

LHS junior Summer Holman, also got the vaccine from the same facility as Daniels. When asked about the vaccination process, she said, “I had to wait in a long line before I could get it and afterwards we were placed in an observation room for about 15 minutes to make sure we had no allergic reactions.” She also experienced some side effects. “I had really bad fatigue for a few days after I got the vaccine, but I feel fine now,” said Holman

All in all, the vaccine does come with its fair share of minor side effects . But, having a few side effects is better than having COVID itself! 

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