“Tenet” Review

Ian Proctor, Staff Writer

“Tenet” is a 2020 film by Christopher Nolan, and much like all of his other movies, it is a long, droning movie that only kept me awake because of the loud noises.

As for the plot of the movie, I mostly forgot what it’s about, because it’s extremely confusing, but I’m pretty sure it was about Denzel Washington’s kid working with Robert Pattinson to track down this arms dealer whose weapons have reverse-entropy properties, i.e. bullets that shoot “back” into the gun when fired. 

Then it turns out that the arms dealer guy is from the future, or something, and then there are these rooms that also make things go in reverse-time, but from the person’s perspective it’s going in forward time, so then it raises the question of “what is in forward-time, and what is reverse-time”, and I don’t remember what happens after that.

It’s pretty cool though, in the movie, to see the “results” of the action that is about to take place in the scene before that action happens. For example, Robert Pattinson would walk into a room with a guy on the floor and bullet holes in the walls, and then the guy would suddenly come to life and start attacking Robert Pattinson, and he’ll try to shoot the guy attacking him with a gun, and the bullets will leave the bullet holes in the wall and fly back into the barrel of the gun. 

Apparently, many of the scenes were also not shot in reverse – rather, they would film the scenes using reverse-choreography – all punches and kicks were acted-out in forward time, pretending to be in reverse.

What’s also interesting is that the movie is set up in a way that you could watch it in reverse from end-to-beginning, and it will still make sense. Actually – I just realised something: The name “Tenet” is a palindrome, a word spelled the same backwards and forwards, just like the movie itself. That’s neat.

Tenet also has many little details and plot points that you either won’t catch or will not understand the first time around, so I would recommend watching this movie twice. I probably won’t be doing that though.

.demlif dna, nettirw, tohs ylsuineg eivom a si “teneT” – oh wait, I’m sorry. This movie is so confusing. I meant to say “’Tenet’ is a movie geniusly shot, written, and filmed”. The concept is very trippy, and it makes the action scenes both fascinating and confusing. If you are able to sit through Christopher Nolan movies, you should sit through this one too. 

To watch “Tenet”, you can buy it for 20 bucks on Prime Video, Vudu, FandangoNow, Microsoft, Apple TV, and Google Play.