Taylor Swift’s “evermore” Album Review

Review of Taylor Swift’s new album sequel to “folklore.”


Vega Baker, Staff Reporter

“Evermore,” the sequel to Taylor Swift’s “folklore” album, delivers deep emotion as she produces the two new 2020 albums her fans love. Taylor Swift began as a country singer, moved onto break up songs, and her most recent albums showcase a variety. 

Taylor Swift being a well known celebrity and my friends enjoying “evermore” assisted in my judgement. My respect for her in general also provokes me to support her albums, as well as the nostalgia of her older songs.

“Evermore” is calmer than her past albums. The music doesn’t have loud drums if any, making her voice sound more angelic. It helps to focus on the lyrics and melody more. 

Her “Reputation” album was more empowering and similar to a comeback of her break with music. The songs in that album are more intense and pop, while her recent albums have slowed down. 

In “evermore,” she uses harmonies of her own voice, giving a heavenly affect that I enjoyed. The quiet background music allows the focus to be on her talent vocally and the lyrics. Her songs were really well thought out in general looking at the lyrics and emotion.

The album photo gives off the aesthetic of the songs precisely. While singing, her voice doesn’t go for a wide vocal range and the songs aren’t fast. 

While listening to the “evermore” songs multiple times, I found parts I didn’t notice the first time I listened and they started to become their own melody and story. The simplicity helps convey the message and the emotion gives more impact. They all sounded similar at first like many albums in general, but listening more helped me appreciate them individually. “Champagne problems” was my favorite song because it’s catchy and emotional.

Lately, I’ve been into more upbeat music by a variety of artists and I wasn’t used to listening to just one person. As much as I wanted to love this album, I found myself choosing other playlists to listen to while driving or doing another activity. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the album, I have just been into faster songs recently.

I do appreciate these songs and understand why people love it so much. But, to go as far as saying it’s my favorite isn’t my personal opinion. Taylor Swift is known for her songs about guys and got famous from her older albums. Some of “evermore” is about guys, but the lyrics have a deeper layer of impact compared to her other songs. She has improved as an artist even if I’d rather listen to her older songs. 

The “evermore” album is good, but for a certain crowd. I wouldn’t normally like it, but I did enjoy listening to it and learning new songs. I recommend it for listening while doing something because it’s not that distracting from the slowness. “Evermore” has calm energy that is soothing and a great listen if you’re feeling sad to help relax.