McDonald’s Sprite: A Review

Caleb Brooks

It’s been no secret in the media that McDonald’s Sprite is the superior soda when it comes to fast food beverages. Many have spoken about their ethereal experiences, and how no beverage can compare to the taste and feeling of drinking this drink. After looking into the background, I’ve discovered that McDonald’s syrup to liquid ratio is higher, and very different from store-bought Sprite.

They make sure to have a little more syrup in their drinks than the manufactured drinks. McDonalds also uses larger straws to bring larger quantities of Sprite to the mouth. I personally have noticed the difference between McDonald’s soft drinks and store bought soft drinks, but today I will go more in depth of the McDonald’s sprite phenomenon.


The price for their cup sizes are $1, which is pretty solid when compared to other food establishments. The first sip. I’ve never had my mouth taste a more Astringent beverage. The first taste of it brings tears to my eyes. The straws diameter transports an exemplary amount of sprite, and covers all 10,000 taste buds. The sharp taste of the cold carbonated lemon lime, followed by the saccharine flavor of the sugar and syrup. Nothing can compare to the vigorous sensation. 


Upon further inspection of my drink, the ice to liquid ratio was adequate. There was enough ice in the cup to chill the drink, but not enough to water down the flavor. The narrow size of ice cubes allowed more volume for the drink. It can only be described as perfection.


After finishing the Golden Arches’ potation, the conclusion I came to was nothing short of quintessential: This is a perfect choice of drink to be paired with a meal. The cheap price and the amount of drink is outstanding. No other restaurant would have such a price. I would personally recommend this to anyone who likes soft drinks with their food. 10/10. It’s bussin.