It’s Fundraising Season!

Emilie Croteau & Ronald Myers, Writters

The air is crisp and cold, groups of students and sports teams are raising money and the spirit of giving is in the air. It’s fundraising season! During the holidays, the LO community starts up their annual fundraisers. 


For years, one of the most popular fundraisers has been the Troop 127 Christmas Tree Lot. Annually, hundreds of families show up at George Rogers Park to buy a Christmas tree. They have been selling Christmas trees since 1947, according to their website. Troop 127 has had a tradition of selling trees at George Rogers for 63 years. Proceeds made are contributions to pay for scout trips and adventures, such as summer camps. 

With COVID-19 in mind, there have been some minor adjustments with the way the fundraiser is run. Grant Croteau, a junior from LOHS, regularly works at Tree Lot during the holidays. He states that “Everyone has to wear masks even though it’s outside. Social distancing is strictly enforced as well. Other than that, things are relatively the same.”


When asked about his experience with the tree lot fundraiser, freshman Finn Rolstad said, “Yeah I enjoy tree lot, this year wasn’t as fun, no stove, no snacks, no getting a bench.”


However, there are other fundraisers being held as well. The LHS basketball teams are selling wreaths and centerpieces to help fund the sports teams.


LHS sophomore Raime Reid has participated in selling for the last two years. She claimed that fundraisers look a little different this year with COVID as well. She said that “We hand deliver them to your door. We wear masks and socially distance when we deliver your order to you.”


Along a similarly holiday themed vein, the Period Club is running a candy gram to help raise funds for period inequality. In an interview with lead organizer Mia Michaelson and member Avary Jett, both juniors at LHS, Mia said that as the organizer, “personally for me it’s probably taken me again, like, six to seven hours.”

Conversely when Avary was asked about her involvement she said she “was delivering about like two hours I think just because I had to deliver some to West Linn but delivering itself but that’s basically all I’ve done.”


However, unlike other groups, Period Club has said that this is not their only fundraiser, commenting on a current  ongoing period products drive being run in conjunction with LO’s Period Club, and a food drive earlier this year.


No matter the circumstances, what’s important is that you remember to get out there and if not, contribute to fundraisers, remember to help spread the word about it. Happy holidays everyone!