The 2020 Election

Ian Proctor and Caleb Brooks

The 2020 Election has no doubt been one of the most consequential events of 2020. 

The fact is that the 2020 election is unprecedented – a President refusing to concede, widespread misinformation being spread, and the highest voter turnout ever happening. 

So, how are Pacers reacting?

LHS ASB President Zachary Aghdaei at first didn’t know what to think about the outcome. 

“President Trump has no doubt done some incredibly stupid and unforgivable things, but when I tried to find things about President Elect Biden that I like and supported, I found more luck, but not too much more,” Aghdaei said. 

“I was confused, but after listening to President Elect Biden speak and hearing what he had to say, he has gained my confidence in that he will do a great job as our next President.” 

LHS student William Frasier had this to say about the election.

”I feel [the election results are] good for the country because Trump hasn’t had enough time to fundamentally shift the functionality of our country. Biden will be capable of reversing what Trump has changed, as well as set our nation back on track.”

However, there has been some pushback from the Trump administration. Misinformation claiming that there was extensive voter fraud has been going viral, in an attempt to influence public opinion towards an believing that the election was “rigged.”

Frasier had this to say about claims of election fraud:

“The claims of fraud have been objectively fake from the start as every official in charge of overseeing the results of the election on both the Democratic and Republican sides have been in a consensus that the claims are baseless and lack evidence”.

Especially in Lake Oswego, there have been some controversies relating to the election, for example incidents revolving around yard signs and animal heads.

“I love almost all people and choose to put their personality and character above however they stand politically. But I understand there are extremes that cannot be tolerated and for people that are blatantly racist/sexist/homophobic, there is no place in my heart for them,” said Aghdaei, referring to criticism of some Trump supporters’ behavior. 

“Whether you consider yourself a Republican or a Democrat most of the time does not change my opinion of you. I think there are supporters on both sides who step out of line, and I try to stay out of it as much as possible because I am only 17 and can’t vote. That being said I support everyone in spreading their voice and their opinion, and I hope they are all willing to hear others’ opinions too (within reason).”